Something Beau for Your Boo in Middlebury, VT

I asked my Significant Other what he wanted for a gift. A bow tie! he said. Easy-peezy, I thought. The catch—he wanted the clip-on style. Hmmm. There followed a lot of searching in the NY/NJ metro area, behind the hand chuckles of salespeople who let me know when they stopped smirking how yesterday my request was. I tried online. The one person I found who hand creates them did not answer my plea, so I had given up. Auld Lang Syne. Bye-bye, bow tie.

Not Just Bow Ties—Beau Ties Ltd. 

But as I was planning a trip to my old stomping grounds in Middlebury, Vermont, a miracle occurred when I searched for places to shop. Would you believe that right on the outskirts of town at the unlikely address of Industrial Way sits none other than Beau Ties Ltd? With shaking fingers (blame it on too much keyboard), I checked out the website, and—yes!—in addition to Freestyle (tie-your-own) and Pre-Tied, with an adjustable strap, they make Clip-On ties!  

Beige IMG_0011

Beau Ties Ltd Headquarters

I had work to do and all because I was planning to attend a retreat at When Words Count in preparation for a memor I’m writing, but I took a shopping break to go visit one of the cheeriest factories I have ever seen. (In a past life, I accompanied an engineer on many factory tours, but that’s a story for another day.)

Insider Tour of the Factory

The company was staging a photo shoot, but a personable woman named Jody took my order and then walked me around the factory floor through bundles of fabric and box upon box of bow ties in various stages of creation or restyling. Friendly employees showed me the different stages of cutting, folding, and turning out by hand. Detail-oriented describes their process. And what do you think—I saw clips galore! A colorful world of ties!

Beige IMG_0005

Hand-folded, Pre-tied


After my tour, I chatted with the President, Cy Day Tall, and she told me about the CEO & Creative Director, Greg Shugar, an attorney and creative entrepreneur who has launched several businesses in men’s accessories and home products.  The company still honors the founding work of Bill Kenerson, a businessman who could not find the perfect tie for work, who, along with his wife, Deb, who both took the plunge and retired to nurture their company, founded in 1993, which grew from a first catalog that included eight ties to one that now includes over 750 designs and a specialty Italian line.

Beige IMG_0001

The Factory

Beau Ties Ltd also designs and manufactures other men’s specialty accessories, including neck squares and cummerbunds, and other snazzy accessories. Girls’ hair bows and ties for boys have their own section. The beautiful fabrics originate in China and Europe, and you can even send them a tie of your own to transform if you prefer. With product names ranging from the styling “Gershwin” to the whimsical “Frogly,” you will find a way to complement your personality.

Happy Boo—New Bow, Thanks To Beau—Ties, That Is!

Now I had a new problem—so many to choose! My love told me his favorite color was red, white, and blue—I certainly had my pick! Hand-sewn beauties, all. Success!

I even got a sneak peek at new styles for the fall. But I promised Jody I would not be a spoiler—you’ll have to check online, sign up for a catalog, or visit if you’re in town. Who would have thought that choosing a tie could be almost as much fun as wearing it?

Beige IMG_0019.jpg

Happy Significant Other!


Beau Ties Ltd. Is located at 69 Industrial Avenue, Middlebury Vermont 05753. Telephone: 800.488.8437

Order online or Check the Website for Open Hours: