MOG Steps Out

MOG here. As in Mother-of-the-Groom. As in, “wear beige and smile a lot,” as my dear friend, Jax, used to say. As the mother of men, Jax guided me through nearly all of the signal moments of motherhood, so I’m sad she’s not here for the last of the weddings, but in her spirit, I’ve been reflecting a lot about the upcoming event. I know she’d be laughing with me about the rituals for the trendy destination wedding (DW): “It’s not the journey. It’s the destination.” We’d be reminiscing about the tyranny of beige, and I’d happily tell her—“Not this time. I got to pick my color!” Plum. And she’d remind me of her Aqua Rebellion during her last venture down the aisle on a son’s arm. So, Jax, Here’s to you! I’ve moved beyond beige this year, and soon it will be on to new places for me. 

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