If Looks Could Fill!–Overheard at the Rutgers Farm Market

“…Well, I just came from Whole Foods because I wanted to check out the chard here.”  And what a wise woman she turned out to be. Look at these colors from the organic vegetables presented by Chickadee Creek Farm:

Every Friday throughout the summer, 11-5, Rutgers hosts a cornucopial feast for the eyes and other senses. You can make  a meal of it all as you walk around, lunch on the prepared meals, have a few tasty snacks, and find all the ingredients for dinner in one trip.

I couldn’t resist the possibility of specialty granola, particularly a gluten-free variety prepared by Smart Snackbites, which was not only tasty, it was healthy and light. The owner, Alpana, uses juice to bind it, and the result is delightful.  I had a lovely chat with Alpana and her husband, Gautam, who founded their delicious business thanks to a recession.

The owner has a gift for blending spices–I also sampled the vegan oatmeal and sesame nut cookies. Very light, featuring apricot and ginger in the one, and lemon and cardamom in the other. Yes, sometimes you need to have a cookie lunch.

Next door was Bounty granola–also delicious if you prefer maple syrup and brown sugar. Don’t get me started! Flowers for your table? New plants for your garden? No problem. The Display Gardens have you covered. Natural soap? Eric, a chemist, knows his stuff. We had a long talk about what lathers and what doesn’t.

Located at 112 Ryders Ln, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, Phone: 732-932-8451, the Rutgers Farm Market fronts the awesome display gardens, which you can visit before lunch and make a day of it.

Links:  Smart Snackbites

Chickadee Creek Farm

Franklin Soap Works

All photos and text Copyright 2015 Deborah S. Greenhut