Morning at the Oasis

A small garden on the High Line in New York City.

This month Beyond Beige will detail some exciting urban travel. Yes, urban. Looks like a garden in the country, right? Nope, it’s the High Line in New York City–one of the unexpected pleasures of this mile plus walk above Chelsea. It’s pretty crowded most of the day, so it is wonderful to come upon reflective spaces in this beautifully conceived park. Chic apartments are beginning to obscure the Hudson, so go before it’s gone.

Lunch at Chelsea Market‘s The Green Table, and organic, locavore eatery, was delicious. While the service during the busy lunch hour was a little absent-minded, the outstanding mushroom pot pie made up for it. Great exercise and whole wheat  with delicious vegetables made this a guilt-free day!

On the walk back, I enjoyed some fun public art–graffiti sculptures by Damian Ortega–Here is #2:

Graffiti Sculpture on the High Line by Damian Ortega, #2.