If Only…Private Pub Tour of New York

We began our day with brunch at classy Philip Marie before we met our tour guide at the White Horse Tavern across Hudson Street. Some clouds, temps in the high forties–a comfortable day for some light walking and more pub hopping coupled with knowledgeable narratives by one of New York’s accomplished actors. (Hooray for employing actors.)

Philip Marie was scrumptious! We enjoyed hearty grilled chicken BLTs and waffle fries plus coffee to fortify ourselves for the brisk afternoon. We abstained from the hemp-infused coffee–a popular menu addition to the cuisine all along Hudson Street.

After brunch, we adjourned to the White Horse Tavern after a stop at Teich Toys , where you could spend a long time looking, and we snapped up the last unicorn clock.

At White Horse, we enjoyed a warm-up wine with our guide, Malka, from If Only . This tour group knows what it’s doing–all afternoon, Malka regaled us with her extensive knowledge of Old Greenwich Village, including tidbits of literary gossip and architectural oddities and building codes on our itinerary between the White Horse, the Kettle of Fish , and Marie’s Crisis Café , a dive bar whose “crisis” gets its name from pamphlets by Thomas Paine.

Along the route, we stargazed at the residences of everyone from writers Edna St. Vincent Millay to Hart Crane to e.e. Cummings to famous actors, Edwin and John Wilkes Booth, while learning about the drinking foundations of everyone from Dylan Thomas to the Beat poets and writers.

We enjoyed our walk back in time. When it was time to go, the New York sky did what it does so well (see photo) offering up a gorgeous sunset. A good day was had by all!

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